Charitable Donation Credit

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A federal charitable-donation credit is provided to individuals who contribute to qualifying charitable donations. The federal tax credit granted is 15% for the first $200, plus 29% of any amount in excess of $200, to a limit of 75% of net income.

Tax tips:

  1. The spouses or partners can combine their tax credits in order to maximize their credit at the highest rate of 29%.
  2. If your combined donations are under $200 is better to defer claiming this deduction, up to five years to get the above $200 threshold.
  3. Make sure you request a tax receipt from the organisation to which you are making a tax-deductible donation.
  4. Donations already deducted from a paycheque and recorded on a T4 slip may not be transferred to your spouse or common-law partner.

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Nicole Dronca, Accountant and Tax Preparer