The last thing I want to think about each spring is my taxes! That’s why I always let Nicole handle it for me! It lets me focus on my family and my own job. I feel more organized knowing that I have an experienced accountant in my corner.

Calin. V  ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

I was in need of a new accountant; I wanted more of a personal touch then the big banks offered, that’s when I found Nicole. Nicole and her small staff are very friendly and make you feel that you are important to them, not just another client! I felt great knowing that Nicole worked hard to get me great tax return!

Cami. G          ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

I was looking for a good accountant to help me with some outstanding tax returns. Luckily, I met Nicole and, after explaining my situation to her, I felt reassured and decided to hire her.
She was fast, accurate, professional and I am now up to date. What a great feeling!

-Manuela Stefan Photography

www.manuelastefan.com       ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

Nicole Dronca, CGA is our CFO. She is responsible for all financial reports and tax returns and is engaged in preparing and submitting international reports to our partners. She helped us to receive a grant of CAD 900,000 from Canada Revenue Agency for our research and development projects.
I have no hesitation in recommending her as a highly skilled CFO/ accountant/ tax preparer.

-Andrei Pravet – Head of R&D-Toronto


www.novero.com                          _________________________________________________________________________________________________________

My experience working with Nicole Dronca CGA has been extremely positive. I have found her dedication to clients and especially her income tax knowledge to be extremely thorough. I would recommend her accounting services to any business owner.

-Michael M Medina MBA



Nicole, I would like to let you know that I was very pleased with the services I had received for my income tax.

You have an extremely professional attitude, a strong sense of priority and determination, and you take pride in all that you do.
I strongly recommend you to anyone who needs an accurate and prompt service.
Keep up the Good Work.

-Remus Pirvu                                                                                                                                ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________

I highly recommend Nicole Dronca as an accountant. She is very quick and efficient. She also is very courteous and helpful.

 -Darius Sanei                                             ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________

Nicole is a very knowledgeable accounting professional who has always steered me in the right direction. She knows the ins and outs of tax laws and the Canadian Revenue Agency rules and regulations. She made sure my taxes were filed correctly and insured I was receiving a high rate of return.

-Dorel. P                                     ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________

Nicole offers friendly, prompt and accurate service, all at a very fair price! If you are looking for someone to help you get your financial situation in order but not brake the bank I would highly suggest giving Nicole and her team a call!

-Gabriel. T



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