Tax Incentives for Employers

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Are you an Ontario employer? Thinking of hiring some additional help for your business but not sure you can afford it? Consider employing a student or apprentice. Tax incentive for employers could allow you to receive a wide variety of government tax returns!

Applying for these and other readily available grants, incentives and credits can provide you with the savings to hire individuals when you may not have been able to afford to do so before. Therefore, allowing you to grow and support your business.

It is important to make sure that your student employee or apprentice is enrolled in a credited school or skilled trade training program. It is also important to maintain the proper documentation and contracts in order to be eligible for these tax credits.

We can help you to get grants for your new employees! Before you decide to hire, contact us at for a consultation. We can help you discover if you are eligible for these government tax credits, inform you of additional incentives and help you to file your claims.

Nicole Dronca, CGA