Time Management And The Clutter In Your Life

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What is Time Management really? Why do people keep harping on about this and Managers throw these words around like confetti when they want you to get organized and be more productive?

Never before in our history has Time Management been so needed as much as today. We live in a fast paced world with information coming at us twenty four hours a day. The challenge now is how to keep control of all of this and for that reason – try some form of Time Management.

We all have the same twenty four hours, so how is it that some people get more done than others? The secret is better use of their time by using some methods of Time Management to get better organized and to empty the clutter in their heads and their environment.

If you believe that time is money, then you need to understand what Time Management really is and how you can use it to benefit your life. I guarantee that unless you have had some efficiency training right now you are losing time throughout your day that could be better spent. According to salary.com and America online surveys, Americans (Canadians too) waste more than 2 hours a day at work, costing companies $759 billion a year. The biggest time wasters were answering emails and chatting with co-workers or chatting on the phone.

Basically the simple definition of Time Management boils down to

Planning and controlling the time you have to improve efficiency, effectiveness and productivity.
Or as I like to call it – Personal Efficiency Management (PEM).

What I do, is see how you are running your day and then help you to cut down the time you are wasting and at the same time reduce the stress that is building in you. I do this by implementing systems and tools you can use immediately to simplify your life, and gain more control over your time.

Simplicity and Time Management go hand-in-hand. One helps the other so your life becomes more organized, with less clutter and more well spent time. Even the way you do your groceries is Time Management. Do you criss-cross the store to fill your list or do you map out your route for maximum efficiency so you are not re-treading your steps?

One tip I highly recommend is to have these four words as your foundation:

Predictability = Simplicity = Stress Reduction

Jeannette Hay, Professional Organizer specializing in Business Organization, Workshop Presenter, Past Chair of the Toronto Professional Organizers in Canada, Toronto Chapter and owner of Get Me Organized! Professional organizing company. http://www.facebook.com/GetMeOrganized  416-829-7052. www.getmeorganized.ca