Canadian Revenue Agency Hacker Arrested – CRA Grants Additional Five Days to File in Light of the Heartbleed Scare.

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In light of the recent hacking and shut down of the Canadian Revenue Agency, the CRA has extended the deadline to file your taxes by an additional 5 days, making the new deadline May 5, 2014.CRA heartbleed
The Heartbleed scare and hacking of the CRA database has many Canadians worried about their personal security when filing their taxes this month. However, it appears that the situation is now under control. The Toronto Star has reported that yesterday the RCMP arrested the hacker responsible for the security breach of the CRAs data base. See the full article here,

The CRA also has released a statement to inform the public that its online systems have been fully restored and Canadians are now free to continue filing their taxes.

If you still have not filed your taxes and were worried about upcoming deadline, we can help you take advantage of the additional five days grace period and get your taxes filed on time. Contact us at and rest a little easier knowing that we will get your taxes done on time.

Nicole Dronca, CGA