What receipts should I keep for tax returns?

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Tax Receipts:

You have to keep the following documents:

–          T4, T4A  – Employment

–          T4E – Employment Insurance

–          T5013, T5008, T5007

–          Tuition, Student Loan Interest

–          Medical Expenses, Donations

–          RRSP Contribution

–          RRSP Home Buyers Plan

–          T2200 – Employment Expenses

–          Notice of assessment of previous year

–          T4A(OAS), T4A(P) – Old Age Security, CPP

–          T3, T5 – Interest, Dividend, Mutual Funds

–          Public Transit Pass, Safety Deposit Box

–          Rent or Property Tax Paid

–          Child Care Expenses

–          Moving Expenses

–          UCCB

–         Receipts for sport and music activities of your child

–         Scolarships

–         Union dues


If you are a Self- Employed you have to keep all the receipts and invoices related to your business/activity.