Monthly Archives: May 2014

Automobile and Motor Vehicle Benefits for Employees

If you are an employee that uses your own vehicle for work and is refunded by your company for that use, such as paying for fuel and wear and tear, then this reimbursement may qualify you for taxable motor vehicle benefits. An allowance is any payment that employees receive from an employer for using their own

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Home Office Tax Deductions

If you currently work from home make sure you are taking advantage of a large range of potential savings you can find in home office tax deductions. As an employee that works from home it is very difficult to claim any expenses for your home office as there are a large list of conditions that

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Tax Credits for Volunteer Firefighters

If you are volunteer firefighter who has dedicated over 200 hours in a year to firefighting services such as responding to calls and attending trainings you could be eligible for a CRA tax credit. This tax credit for volunteer firefighters could potentially save you up to $450 on your taxes. You can claim up to

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