Overcoming your fear of sales

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1. SELF-TALK: Recent studies show that over 70% of what we say to ourselves in our minds is negative. Replace this with positive affirmations.

Example: When approaching someone about your product or service, you might think the following or some variation of it- “I’m doing this person a favour. I’m spending my time, money, educational training, energy… to let them know about my product or service for free and without any obligation whatsoever”.

2. REDUCE THE PRESSURE: Don’t commit yourself to making a sale the first time around, especially if you meet resistance. You are building a relationship- repeated interactions may be necessary.

3. ALWAYS HAVE A GOAL IN MIND: If you are simply trying to make an appointment, then concentrate on just that. If you are simply making someone aware of your product or service, than stick to that and follow up later

Example: When making an appointment to see a client, don’t try and sell the product or service. Make the appointment.

4. ALWAYS TAKE ON THE CLIENT’S PERSPECTIVE:  Know beforehand what benefit(s) the client is looking for and give them that benefit.

Example: To a struggling businessman; “This product or service will help you boost sales”.

5. ASK FOR A FEW SMALL COMMITMENTS: Unless you sense that the client is ready to buy, and/or you have handled all of their objections, have them make a small commitment rather than a large one.

Example: “I can see that you are a little hesitant at this time, so I’m willing to let you try the product for 3 days so you have time to see how well your patients like it.

6. NEVER CHASE PEOPLE: Chasing people makes it appear as if you need them more than they need you. If you’re going to approach people again, have a valid reason or new benefit.

Example: Mail them a note saying “Thank you for the opportunity for showing the (product or service). Thought you should know that the list price has dropped 10% since our last meeting. Should you require information in the future, please do not hesitate to call”.

7. ASK FOR THE SALE INDIRECTLY: Ounce you have handled any objections or questions to the satisfaction of the client, ask to go ahead.

Example: “Would you like to go ahead” “I’m available Tuesday or Thursday if you would like to get started on phase 1”.

8. DON’T OVER SELL: Ounce you close the sale, get out. Say thank you, and change the subject. Don’t give the client an opportunity to come up with new objections.