CFO On Call

Having a CFO on call includes:

Preparation of financial statement IFRS, ASPE, US and Canadian GAAP

This service refers to closing month and year under all accounting standards used in Canada, US and Europe. This implies as well consolidations of all the international subsidiaries of your business.

Cost control and analysis of the costs

Understanding the cause of increasing cost or finding ways of reducing cost will help your business to save money and increase profitability.

Finance variance analysis

Analyzing the budget variance and comparing your business performance with the industry using KPIs calculations will help you to see better where your business is and what you have to do to make it better.

Accounting software selection and implementation

When you start or develop a business good accounting software will give you advices and help in implementing the appropriate software. These recommendations will be based on your needs and budget.

Cash Management

We help you to understand your cash in order to control it. It is important to have the cash for your projects or operating needs. We create cash-flow projections based on your plans, and we help you with treasury operations including debt collections.


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