General Accounting Services

Access to accurate financial information in a timely manner is a foundation upon which a successful business is built. We provide a full range of cost effective general accounting services including the following:

1) Bookkeeping Services

Accurate and timely accounting information is the most important element for any business to maintain profitability and capitalize on new opportunities.

Monthly Accounting Services:

  • Posting cash receipts and disbursements
  • Posting sales invoices
  • Prepare accounts receivable report
  • Prepare accounts payable report
  • Prepare monthly bank statement reconciliation
  • Maintaining the General Ledger and General Journal
  • Prepare monthly sales report
  • Financial statement preparation
  • Balance Sheet
  • Profit / Loss Statement

  • Prepare general account receipts and disbursements journals

For lawyer office we execute:

  • Record of transfers between clients’ trust ledger accounts
  • Prepare Trust account receipts and disbursements journals
  • Prepare Client Trust ledger
  • Prepare monthly trust comparisons for all trust accounts supported by trust account reconciliations and client trust listings

Annual/ Quarterly/Monthly Accounting & Tax Services:

  • Prepare Federal & Provincial Corporate/Partnership Returns.
  • File Required Annual, Quarterly and Monthly Reports

2) Payroll Services 

Our payroll department helps make your payroll needs a lot easier to handle. We calculate, file, deposit and reconcile your federal and provincials taxes to help ensure that your taxes are filed accurately and timely.
Payroll can be a confusing and tedious process. You can alleviate the worries and free up your valuable time for a very low price. We offer custom payroll programs for all of our clients.
Simply call, fax or email your employee hours and we will take care of the first.
The services we offer include:

Payroll Processing

The calculation of employee wages, bonuses, deductions, and court ordered garnishments, and records of employment. We will produce checks for delivery or pickup. If you prefer, we will process direct deposits to the accounts of your choice.

Payroll Tax Filing

Our Service calculates deposits and files your payroll taxes for you. We will process the appropriate monthly & quarterly Provincial and Federal employment tax forms.  At year end, all T4’s and T4’s summary preparation will be prepared in a timely fashion.


The following reports can be generated at any time for no additional cost – Payroll History and Employer Tax Liability.


Each payroll client is assigned to their own payroll administrator who will be available for all questions and requests. We will assist in any unemployment or insurance audit request. We do our best to provide you with an affordable, accurate and timely payroll service.



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